Whether your goal is to take your life in a new direction, or make new choices in a life that circumstances have changed, deciding what’s next can be difficult or seemingly impossible. It doesn’t matter how smart you have been, how much education you have had, how experienced you are, or even how successful you were.  It can be challenging because we all have blind spots. These blind spots limit our beliefs, thoughts, and actions, which cause us to overlook solutions, and miss opportunities and see limitations that may no longer exist. Together we can shed light on these blind spots so that I can help you see your situation from a fresh perspective.

My ability to easily see what you may have overlooked, or not considered, enabled me to create a process that will let you see yourself and your situation more clearly through a broader lens so you can make important choices based on today’s reality. Working with me you will be able to make fulfilling choices that align with your current situation and the future you envision.

If we don’t change direction, we’re likely to end up where we are headed Chinese proverb